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Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

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We were busy searching for the best life hacks to make your everyday life easier and better. Here’s an amazing list of the greatest hacks in life.

Tight shoes

Here’s a way to stretch them if your fresh shoes feel too narrow. Stuff every shoe as tightly as you can with a moist newspaper. Let the shoes dry and remove the newspaper afterwards.

Remove toilet bowl stains

In the toilet bowl, pour a Coca-Cola can and let it sit overnight. Then wash it and flush it with soapy water.

Body odor

If you have forgotten to put on deodorant and you don’t want to smell like you were in the gym, cut into two halves a fresh lemon or orange and just rub it on your skin. The smell of the body will vanish.

Fresh breath

If you left home forgetting to brush your teeth or ran out of toothpaste, chewing an apple can help with bad breath.


The hack? Put a little water on a piece of cake and push it on the ground where the remaining fragments are. Without the risk of cutting your fingers or feet in the process, the glass will embed in the bread.

It’s much simpler than attempting to sweep every last fragment, and you’ll probably be able to catch those small parts that’s invisible to the naked eye otherwise.


There are easy alternatives to get rid of unwanted cooking smells instead of needlessly scrubbing your kitchen from ground to ceiling or spraying air-fresheners whenever you cook a little fish.

Fog-Free Mirrors

Prevent the fogging of your bathroom mirror after a warm car wax bath. Apply the mirror with a tiny number of car wax, let it dry, then buff with a smooth, dry cloth. Expert tips on your next bath remodel that add up to great savings.

Tape Template

Take the guesswork with “keyhole” hangers from hanging picture frames, racks and other products. To start with: Stick a piece of masking tape over the keyholes, then trace with a pencil over the keyholes, creating a model.
Set the template on the wall where you want the shelf, make sure it’s level.
Drill and remove your anchor holes or screws in the template.

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